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How is Your Heart?

How is the condition of your heart? Broken hearted? Faint-hearted? Another heart condition is found in the Emmaus story in Luke’s gospel (24:13-35) which is set down as the gospel…

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Spiritual Gifts

Today, we will be reflecting on 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. This passage addresses the topic of spiritual gifts. God give gifts to us to use them to serve others and often…

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Transfiguration Sunday

Today is Transfiguration Sunday: The last Sunday before Lent Our text today is Luke 9:28-36: Our home in Fiji was very close to the coast, and I loved to take…

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Making comparisons

Have you ever noticed that we are perfectly content with what we have – until we compare what we have with what someone else has? I came across this extract…

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Choosey God

We are on the final leg of our Advent journey. Today is the fourth, and final, Sunday in Advent, and, Christmas Day is several hours away. The journey of waiting…

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Youth of HXUC

In the short time I have been with you, I have been amazed at a number of young people at HXUC. The burning question for me as I am sure…

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