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What is God like?

Children say the funniest things. I should also add, children say the most profound things. Several years ago, I experienced the wisdom of children, when I taught RE (Religious Education)…

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Famous Last Words

Today is Ascension Sunday. It is the final Sunday of the Easter season in the church’s liturgical calendar. Ascension Sunday is set aside by the church to commemorate and celebrate…

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Once we live together in communities, we have to have rules to live by so we can all get on. Sometimes the rules are developed by all, refined and then…

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Making comparisons

Have you ever noticed that we are perfectly content with what we have – until we compare what we have with what someone else has? I came across this extract…

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Transition, Change and Advent

The Macquarie dictionary describes ‘transition’ as ‘passage from one position, state, stage, etc., to another’. When I think of the word “transition”, the word, “change”, comes to mind. How do…

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