Fairy Tales

When we were young, we all heard fairy tales. Some of us knew them by heart, having had them read to us so often. For some, they represented an escape, but for some, they told of an escape which could only be dreamed of. They all boiled down to a hard life and then a miraculous escape to happiness – “they all lived happily ever after”.

As we got older, reality hit. They were only fairy tales, not real life. No-one we knew of had things like that happen to them – except perhaps Mary, the Real Estate girl who married into the Danish royal family.

But then for many, the “they all lived happily ever after” happened when they met THE ONE – who they did want to live happily ever after with. Reality often means working hard to keep happy – compromises and a lot of effort.

So too with Christianity. With all the cares and worries of the world, and the things that go wrong (or we do wrong), the world can be a harsh and unforgiving place. For some, it remains that way. They seek every way they can to escape it – the classic “sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll”. However, that is in truth no escape. There is an escape – and that is to be in love with the Lord. Let Him take your load – your cares and your worries – and then follow the way He set out for life. Don’t think that it will always be a bed of roses – you still have to work at it. Temptation is along the way and the straight road to Hell is paved with good intentions which didn’t translate into actions. The winding and often difficult road to Heaven isn’t easy on our own – which is why we have to shed our burdens and follow Him.

Many stories in the Bible don’t have happy endings. If we read them carefully we can see why. People gave into any and all temptations. Good people were undone by poor choices. The search for instant pleasure and quick gratification became the downfall of many.

When we look for those which did end happily, we can see why. If we look around, we can see people we know who are happy – truly happy – and we can see why when we look at what they do.

Caring for others, doing what is right, doing what is good – and shedding our burdens, which Jesus offers to take up for us – can lead to the “they all lived happily ever after” ending for us. The Bible gives us the blueprint. We just need to follow.

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