Mother’s Day

Today we honour all mothers on this Mother’s Day. That being said, I reckon every day should be Mother’s Day! The following is the hymn “Woman in the night” by Brian Arthur Wren. Its theme is woman and women of the bible who play a significant role in the gospels and therefore a significant role in the faith of the church. Some are mothers, some are named others are unnamed by the gospel authors. See if you can guess the names of the woman/women each verse is about or where in the gospels their story is found. And, each day, don’t forget to offer a prayer of thanks for all mothers and women of the world. Happy Mothers’ Day!

1) Woman in the night,
spent from giving birth,
guard our precious light;
peace is on this earth.

Come and join the song,
women, children, men.
Jesus makes us free;
free to live again!

2) Woman in the crowd,
creeping up behind,
touching is allowed:
seek and you will find!

3) Woman at the well,
question the Messiah;
find your friends and tell:
drink your heart’s desire!

4) Woman at the feast
Let the righteous stare
Come and go in peace
Love him with your hair!

5) Woman in the house
nurtured to be meek
leave your second place
listen, think and speak.

6) Women on the road
from your sickness freed
witness and provide
joining word and deed.

7) Women on the hill
stand when men have fled
Christ needs loving still
though your hope is dead.

8) Women in the dawn
care and spices bring
earliest to mourn
Earliest to sing!

© Brian Arthur Wren
© 1983, 1995 by Hope Publishing
Company Carol Stream, IL


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