Youth of HXUC

In the short time I have been with you, I have been amazed at a number of young people at HXUC. The burning question for me as I am sure it has been for many of you is, what will we do about it! Last Sunday after the morning service, a meeting was held for those interested in getting a church youth group up and running. As I said at the beginning, we have a significant amount of young people worshiping at HXUC. By young, I am not including the toddlers or primary age kids of whom there is a significant number, but I am talking about high school, university and both single and married young people. The following people of Tapu Teuhema, Sailau, Joe, Sophia, Taega, Harrison and Ashok volunteered to form a Youth Working Group, its aim is to plan and run youth focus events for the young people of HXUC.

By my reckoning, having worked in the past in youth ministry, young people bring along other young people along to their church’s youth group programs, be it their brother or sister, friends, acquaintances from work, school and clubs. If the program is fun and exciting people tend to stay on. But if the program is poorly run and lacks any excitement and fun then more than likely, the numbers fall away. I am encouraged by the energy, attributes, focus and desire each member of the Youth Working Group brings as they seek to address the needs of this important ministry to the youth of our church and beyond. During the morning service on Sunday 19th March, we as a congregation will Commission them for this important task. Please pray for them.

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