Spiritual Gifts

Today, we will be reflecting on 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. This passage addresses the topic of spiritual gifts. God give gifts to us to use them to serve others and often we never make the effort to find out what the gifts are, never thank Him, and never put them to use. Obviously, God will be disappointed to see so many of the gifts that He has given, shelved away and never used or shared with others. Paul tells us to unwrap your gifts and use them to serve others.

The Corinthians were a church of divisions, immorality and distortion in doctrine. They were getting high on their spiritual giftedness but did not recognise the source of the gifts – Jesus Christ. They thought that the gift of tongues was above everything else. Paul had to bring about order in the church and reminded the Corinthians that all of God’s people have gifts and all are equally valuable to the health and vitality of the church. In Chapters 12-14, Paul says that God has gifted you to do what he wants you to do. The ‘grace gifts God has granted, you are an expression of His love, and it enables you to glorify and serve God.

You may be asking yourself, “What is my spiritual gift”? To be 100 percent effective in your service for Jesus Christ, you need to know the answer. Some of you may have he gift of looking after finances or administration, or you might be gifted in evangelism. Others could teach a class or run a small group. Still, others care for the sick, bringing over meals or comforting those in sorrow. So, take time to discover your spiritual gift. Think about these four steps to unwrap your gift:

Firstly, pray specifically to God so that He may reveal your gift.
Secondly, ask mature Christians who know you, what strengths they see in you.
Thirdly, Try different opportunities.
Fourthly, Follow your heart.
Finally, one of the greatest pleasures in life is serving others. Church members, state that serving others has brought them a lot of joy, contentment, fulfilled life and God’s blessings. AMEN.

Picture of St Paul by Burne Jones (maybe with Timothy)
View from the inside the graceful medieval cloister of San Paulo Fuori le Mura which was erected between 1220 -1241. Today, it stands at the heart of a Benedictine monastery in Rome where St Paul is buried.


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